Sunday, July 23, 2006

Street fashion 

Slate had a really good article on street fashions with a ton of good links for different cities around the world.

I particular like the flash interface for the London website.

Helsinki has some of the more out there styles though.

Venting steam 

Another week of mayhem in the middle east has forced me to vent a little.

I guess what really pisses me off is the continuous show of hyprocrisy coming out of so many corners. We have what was supposedly a great example of the emerging middle-eastern democrocy and economy in Lebanon being bombed back to the stone ages on the weakest of excuses and no-one who really matters gives a shit. Its pretty obvious now that the Israel bombs (being resupplied as fast as possible by the US) are are accurate as those falling in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course those who do matter, i.e. the US politicians, have already demonstrated the levels of idiocy, cruelty, self-delusion beyond those that I thought were possible.

The really sad thing is just the complete void of an any sense of opposition coming from people in America. Well, I mean there are the normal list of pundits, mainly bloggers, some thoughtful, some just throwing around insults, but certainly no political opposition. I'm really not sure how people can still think that persuading people to be nice by killing them indescriminately is a great idea. Jesus. I'm ranting now...

As usual the innocent suffer and nothing is going to get solved. Just more hatred and killing.

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