Friday, June 18, 2004

Its been a while.

More silliness from the world of politics.

In the US President Bush contradicts the September 11th committees assertion that Ex-President Saddam had nothing to do with the September 11th terrorist acts. Yeah right on...

Meanwhile in Australia the Defence Minister Robert Hill said that they went to war because of the weapons of mass destruction not the terrorist links, and not the terrorist links. Hang on, didn't we rule out that whole "weapons of mass destruction" crap months ago.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Nothing much new is happening in the land of current affairs and politics. Well okay, theres ridiculous amounts of the normal scandels, disgusting cover ups and avoidances and so on and so forth. My favourite has to be this little back and forth with John Ashcroft, the US attorney general (from Billmon at the Whiskey Bar):

LEAHY: Has there been any order directed from the president with respect to interrogation of detainees, prisoners or combatants, yes or no?

ASHCROFT: I'm not in a position to answer that question.

LEAHY: Does that mean because you don't know or you don't want to answer? I don't understand.

ASHCROFT: The answer to that question is yes.

What!!?! Politician grade crap.

One of the better sites I came across this week was They Work For You, a British site which lets you track what your MP has been up to. Its really well done, lots of information. If you're in the UK then go and see whoever you voted for (or more likely who you didn't vote for) has bothered doing over the last few years.

While on the subject of sites. At one point I was writing my own little apps to do various things (aggregator, blogging, bookmark manager and so on) but there are more and more quality web sites offering these services:

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Got that moblog geek thing out of my system - send an email from my mobile (well mms to an email gateway optus/virgin have setup) of a photo to a personal email account, where procmail runs a python script, extracts the photo and places it on my website (I'll modify it to use flickr or some other public site), then forwards the email/mms message onto blogger with an html attachment. Nice and simple.

I'm a complete news junky. My bloglines subscriptions has 85 feeds I read regularly in it. On top of that I read a bunch of newspapers (mainly online) and wake up to cable TV news. I think I've cut down as well in recent years!

Anyway, heres an interesting article on The Guardian about the house of Saud, the ruling family in Saudi Arabia and the upcoming problems they face. If half of what I've read about actually happens there we're in line for a whole new world of pain in the Middle East. Oil at $40 a barrel, bah - they were the days, thats a bargain!

When I read these articles like this there's a side of me that thinks "well they're/we're just getting what we deserve", where they/we is usually right-wing-neocon-nuts/Bush/USA/the west. It kind of sucks to have to think that. I mean I don't want to see people dieing, but some non-guilt afflicted potion of my brain wants to see these people suffer. Obviously it'd be better if it was a more direct form of suffering rather than by proxy through whatever poor unfortunate souls that get caught up in "the troubles".

Friday, June 04, 2004

Moblog Time: Walking the dog 

Walking the dog

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Moblog Time: View from office 

View from office

Enough of that George Bush guy. Lets move onto Australia.

Now the people seem pretty sensible even if they've managed to vote in the diminutive (in many ways) John Howard, but they're still hanging on to the British monarchy for some reason.

The last (and I think first) referendum about whether to become repulic or not ended up in a big fat no. I don't think the majority of people voting were particular in love with QE2 and her wayward kids, more likely that they didn't like the possible options for how the president would get chosen.

So heres my solution. All good Aussies love sport. Actually thats an understatement - sport is the Australian State Religion. Any slightly important sporting event makes the headlines. Its a rare day that sports doesn't occupy at least half of the top news stories.

So why not combine the national religion with the presidential candidates (no seperation of state and religion here). The position of president is a rolling one, take by the winning coach of the winning Aussie Rules team. What better candidate can you ask for?

I reckon Australia would become a republic faster than you can say "Bruce", Bruce!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ok, so I probably didn't convince anyone new of the evilness of George Bush with the previous post. The US seem particular divided by him, you either love him or hate him. Kind of ironic considering he was meant to the president who brought everyone together - "no popular majority, ah what the hell". I mean if you're not already convinced by the constant stream of bullshit being revealed - "Chalabi is our good friend, honest guv'nor", "Can you define torture again please, I'm pretty sure thats not we were doing", "tax breaks for everyone, especially those not making any money", "blah blah, crap, crap...", then there's little hope for you.

You're either on the side of Atrios on Eschaton or those jolly young Republicans over at...

So now that I've hung my colours (colors?) on one side lets just move on, and gasp with amazement at how fucked the world is at the moment. I know, I know, I should be beyond the point of being capable of being suprised anymore.

In the next exciting installment of this blog:

- How useless is John Howard. That's not a question by the way.

- All the answers for the Australian repulican movement.

- That Granita moment, good old 90's champagne socialism and bottles of bolly galore!

- Moblog photo gateway time. Blogger will not defeat me!

- How I relate to the seven deadly sins

So this is what "angry" feels like.
"View from my office. "

Hmm, I guess blogger aren't into hosting my images MMS'd from a mobile to the blogger.com email address for publishing entries. Shame - the images aren't particularly large and it'd be a cute way of doing hosted photoblogs.
Enough of this silliness. More is at stake than freebie email accounts.

Time for a little politics.

All Americans should go read this article by Paul Krugman of that famous "liberal media" sheet, the NY Times describing what the vast majority (i.e. not the rich) will lose in benefits if George Bush gets a second term, for the sake a slightly lower taxes.

Basically Bush is presiding over a period where hes making sure his "mates" get a LOT of extra cash and the rest get screwed.

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